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Mangrove Recovery

The mangrove recovery and cleaning project consists of the collection of the waste that has been deposited among the mangroves for more than 15 years, causing almost irreparable damage to these important ecosystems.


It is believed that these residues come mainly from the communities bordering the middle and upper basin of the Matías Hernández River, going down through it, reaching the coast and accumulating with other waste that is brought by the sea currents.


 With this project, in addition to recovering the health of the mangrove swamp and its ecosystem, we are raising awareness and educating those involved in harvesting and cleaning.

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In our beginnings we had a group of 6 people to collect this trash five days a week. We currently have a collaboration with the Jesús Luz de Oportunidades Foundation, who supports and provides us with the collection staff. From Monday to Friday, this garbage is collected in plastic bags and taken to Cerro Patacón for due process. So far, more than 150,000 bags have been collected, equivalent to about 400 tons of garbage.

Tambor de lavadora
Partes de carros
Partes de carros
Partes de carros
Partes de carros

We have found unbelievable things among these wastes such as toilets, fridges, washing machines, mattresses  car pieces, tires, shoes, toys, and much more ... but mainly bottles and plastic utensils, which take hundreds of years to decompose.

This project is currently suspended.

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