We are The Tide

Marea Verde is a non-for profit organization established in 2017, committed to promote civic action and awareness on how to mitigate solid waste pollution in Panama’s rivers and coasts.

  • We develop cleaning pilot initiatives on the Matías Hernández River watershed,

  • We implement awareness campaigns as well as sustainable alternatives for trash disposal.


  • Promote a new generation of responsible citizens 

  • Sensitize about national environmental challenges

  • Innovate in the fields of conservation, maintenance and cleaning of rivers and mangroves, as well as in the transformation of recyclable waste

  • Strengthen alliances with civic groups and public and private institutions, in order to promote actions for change.  

  • Generate and provide information for decision-making through pilot projects that can also serve as models to be replicated in the future.

  • Promote the recycling culture and environmental responsibility

  • Influence the creation and application of related norms and legislation


"This organization arises

as a concern from the citizens of a community

in which, despite the cleaning campaigns carried out

each year, they continued seeing a lot of garbage

and a problem that

was not resolved."

"Teaching how to value the environment, is teaching how to value life."


Our Mission

Create pilot projects that inspire civic action to reduce garbage pollution in Panamá.

Our Vision

Support biodiversity conservation and healthy environment by addressing pollution in rivers, coasts and oceans.

Our Board

We also count with the valuable collaboration of the members of our board of directors.

Mirei Endara - Presidente

María Cristina Salazar - Vice Presidenta

Francisco Arias Galindo. - Secretario

Maria Dolores Cabarcos de Humbert - Tesorera

- Secretaria

Roberto Zauner Azcárraga - Director

Alberto Motta - Director

Federico Salazar - Director

Alice Gonzalez Revilla - Director

Rosabel Miró - Director Suplente


Strategic Allies

Thanks to the collaborations of other organizations and volunteers we have been able to shape this dream.

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Marea Verde’s work has been recognized with the following awards:

- Panama Positive Award: “Environmental Sustainability in Positive” Award – October 16, 2019

- International Independent Advertising Festival Award (Fepi), in Mendoza, Argentina: 

The “Dermar Arat XXI: Consciousness Looks Good” campaign was awarded the Gold Award in the category “Efficient Communication” and the Grand Prix Award – October 12, 2019.