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Wanda Díaz
Bob's Wheel

We present to you Wanda Díaz, our water wheel! Wanda is an innovative system, the first in Latin America. It uses hydraulic energy and solar panels to collect and remove solid waste that floats in the river, preventing it from reaching the sea.


Wanda also has a camera system to generate images and data that allow, through Artificial Intelligence, to analyze and categorize waste. Later, we can put this data at the service of future projects or public policies to prevent the pollution of rivers and seas.


The Wanda system operates with state-of-the-art technology that takes into account all the necessary considerations to operate in conditions that improve the quality of life of the residents adjoining the project and guarantee sustainability and harmony with the environment.

This project also has a community work component that will allow us to work with residents of the basin on their consumption, generation and disposal habits.

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Escuelas Participantes

Escuelas Wanda Educa.jpeg

Socios Estratégicos

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